Scott Calvert; founder

Sales & Marketing Executive - strategy development and "hands-on" execution

Operations Executive - process development emphasis on elimination of unnecessary stages & steps within business units.  Turnaround Management.

Business Sell & Buy Side Services - cleanup, revenue metrics improvement and optimization, due diligence readiness that is cost-effective and argumentative to existing consulting partner services.


Tim Mayer

Data-Driven Search Engine Marketer (SEO and SEM) & Analytics: More Qualified Traffic & Conversions

"Scott came into Trada and was able to build a team very quickly and put the processes and reward structures in places to grow revenue significantly in a short amount of time. Scott has tremendous experience in building and growing inside sales teams. He understands what needs to get done and is a strong executor as well as a coach to is team. Scott builds a strong rapport with his team and is able to motivate them in both good and difficult times."


Rod Johnson

Chief Operating Officer, Merrill Corporation

"I worked with Scott to address a complex set of objectives and ultimately complete a successful transaction. Scott's honest and direct style, coupled with his extensive M&A background and a sharp focus on the end goals helped the respective teams achieve success."       

Michael Boese

CEO at Certent

"Scott jumped into a challenging situation with Rivet Software and provided energy, leadership and passion to guide the completion our transaction. His perseverance and dedication was much appreciated by both parties."

Charles Graham

CEO / Board Director

"I had the pleasure to work with Scott for over a year whilst we were devising and enacting a turnaround at River Software. Scott has that rare combination of a great strategic mind combined with operational excellence. Scott led the executive team through a very complex landscape resulting in a successful M&A transaction for all stakeholders. I enjoyed working with Scott and hope to do so again the future!"

Brent Daily

CEO at OpHouse Solutions

"We hired Scott to help lay the sales foundation for RoundPegg. He quickly brought the entire picture into view and worked tirelessly to get the groundwork laid so the process took care of itself. He's given our small team the ability to handle twice the workload than we ever would have been able to manage previously. Best of all is that he quickly understands the value prop and can transition from consultant to closer in the blink of an eye."

TJ Tanberg

Enterprise Account Executive | Salesforce

"Scott is in a class by himself when it comes to Sales Leadership. I have been in Sales my entire career and Scott is the person I refer to most often when asked what makes a great Sales Leader. He is an incredible student of the profession and has an uncanny ability to build highly functioning Sales Organizations that effectively utilize technology and people to produce results - Revenue! More impressive is his ability create a winning culture where attitude does add to the bottom line. I have known Scott for over two years and I can, from experience, highly recommend Scott both professionally and personally."

Steve De Marco

SVP Global Sales at Malwarebytes

"I met Scott when I came to Denver to Build Xactly's new inside sales team. Scott struck me as an expert in this area. I was lucky enough to be able to bring him in as a consultant to audit my sales team. He did a great job assessing everything from the profile of reps we hire, sales process, the tools we use and the general culture of the organization, demand generation and follow up techniques. The audit process was extremely valuable and I look forward implementing many of Scott's recommendations. Scott is an extremely valuable resource that I recommend highly."

Emily Huang

Co-Founder & CEO @ idaciti, Inc. Fintech BI Platform - Telling Stories with Global Financial Data

"The first time I met Scott, he described it as “meeting of the minds”, and in that meeting we discussed how to create a customer-centric organization and how sales management is about planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and measuring. 

Even though I have only known Scott for a short period of time, I am already immensely impressed with his knowledge of sales process, marketing lead generation programs and his clear and effective communication skills. As an accomplished leader in several sales organizations, Scott’s experience is extremely helpful for me to learn to better navigate the sales landscape and have the confidence that I could always go to Scott for advices."       

Eric P Groves

Business Development Manager at Colorado Mountain News Media

"Scott is a proven sales leader and comes in every day with a "get it done" mentality that few people truly exhibit. When a sale hits a snag Scott has the ability to come in to the situation cold and come out of it with an even bigger deal. More importantly Scott is a natural leader that has the ability to motivate his team to win."

Eric Herman

Director, Brand Partnerships at Skyword Inc.

"Scott joined Trada at a time when the sales organization was in transition. Trada was looking for a resource to alter our direct sales approach and increase results while also revamping our partner sales model to scale overall revenue in the future. Scott's management skills and experience allowed him to take on both tasks successfully. He kept the direct sales team educated, motivated, and producing to its goals while providing guidance to me on how to build, develop, and set proper expectations for Partner team. I'm thankful for the support, guidance, and skills that I received from Scott and I'm confident that the teams he leads in the future will be as well. "     

Janine Soika - MBA

Sales Enablement Executive

"I had the pleasure of working with Scott at Verio, Inc. for about 2 years. Scott was brought in as the Sr. Director of Sales and tasked with a very challenging project of building and launching an entirely new sales organization to support both direct and indirect, channel sales. In less than 6 months, Scott had succeeded in building out a highly successful sales team, dispersed over 3 geographic locations. He implemented a sales team model that resulted in a highly effective and productive sales organization. In less than year, we signed up over 600 new channel partners and grew the channel program to represent 30% of the company's total annual revenue. Scott is an outstanding Sales leader, with the drive, expertise and perseverance required to build and manage highly successful sales teams."

Brian McClain

Managing Partner at Tenants Choice

"Scott Calvert is the definition of sales leadership. His ability to motivate a team and execute on a plan is second to none. In a typical sales day you can see Scott helping a sales rep close a sale through what he calls “hand-over-hand training,” then quickly change gears to discuss key sales metrics with executive management teams. He understands what needs to be done from a marketing and lead generation perspective to feed the sales engine and increase results. His knowledge of the sales process and the dynamics that make up a successful sales floor has helped grow multiple companies to the next stage of their business life cycle. It has been a true honor working with him at both Trada and MX Logic and his mentorship and guidance has been a big part of my personal success. If you are a CEO of a Tech company looking for aggressive top line growth, Scott Calvert is a sure pick on your path to success."

Heather Zukin

Independent Marketing Consultant

"As an accomplished leader in sales organizations, Scott is an innovative thinker, who proved he was committed to his team by focusing on the accomplishments of each individual as a contributor. Providing coaching, hands-on guidance, and counselling, Scott worked overtime as an executive, manager and a mentor for his team. Scott carries with him the insight and dedication to inspire and drive those around him to success. With Scott's guidance and support, I was enabled to grow my career at Trada, and he remains a mentor and ally, invested in my professional growth."       

Justin Calvert

Cyber Crime Fighter @iovation

"Scott is extremely well versed upper level Sales Manager, definitely "knows the ropes" in the Tech Sales World. I worked with him in both Direct and Channel Sales roles. He is great at coordinating efforts between departments in a rapidly growing tech start-up and just an all around great leader. 

Scott understands how to effectively manage a large Sales Force that hits goals while maintaining a positive and fun work environment. He taught me how to be a great Consultative Sales Pro and especially helped grow my B to B email writing skills. Thanks for all your help Scott, I would work for you again anytime!"

Jordan Greenberg-Talent Acquisition Partner

IT Sales Recruiting for Companies Committed to Growth

I have interviewed, screened and analyzed approximately 100 VP Level Inside Sales candidates and interacted with just as many on the client/hiring side over my 30+ years as an Executive Recruiter for Colorado's IT Industry. Scott Calvert is in a class by himself! His vision covers much more than sales management, but when you need results, Scott is unparalleled.·      

Peter Gent

Data Partnerships Director at The Trade Desk

"Scott is a wonderful person to work for. He has the ability to recognize and bring out the best traits in those who he works with. Working as a collaborative team rather than an overbearing dictator is a great quality for a sales department leader. As his employee, he knows how to apply pressure to get optimal performance without being overbearing, a fine line to balance. Having started at Trada before him, I've seen use the team to build a highly effective and functional sales department from almost nothing. Implementing training, sales mentoring, and making sure the sales department has the right mix of people. I have also personally witnessed him advocating across departments for what he believes will bring more success to the business."

Mike Brownsberger

Sales and Design Consultant at The Tile Shop

"Scott is a true professional while maintaining and managing a fun, exciting and energetic sales force. He motivates his sales team to sell at a high level while creating a positive environment with which to do so. Scott leads by example and his sales force follows his direction with enthusiasm. It was a pleasure working with Scott while we collectively aimed for a common goal."

Bruce Thorne

Senior Account Executive at NexusTek

"Scott is a leader among men. The sales floor is a microcosm of the real world: There are many diverse personalities. Scott was able to effectively deal with and manage the sales team and create a sense of urgency. Yet, at the same time, he was able to create a work environment where coming to work was fun and enjoyable. Equally important, Scott empowers the sales floor to think outside the box to win business. As a result, Scott created a high octane, results oriented sales team that grew the business significantly during his tenure."

Mike Whitt

VP Sales at Incendant Inc

"Scott is problem solver, an excellent communicator and brings stimulating energy to every task. He defines his expectations clearly, provides the resources necessary and has the back of everyone on his team. Scott is a manger who leads by example."